Bhavika Tekwani

Technologist, also human.
As a proponent of code literacy and interdisciplinary research, I taught workshops on Python, ArcGIS & QGIS at the Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC) in George Mason University during my time there as a grad student. These workshops assumed little to no knowledge of programming or CS concepts. I aimed to demonstrate how simple programming concepts can help doctoral students, faculty & undergrads take the first step towards conducting reproducible research efficiently through the use of open source data analysis tools. These workshops were attended by faculty & students from departments like Data Analytics, Political Science, Nursing and Geospatial Science to name a few.

Project Presentations
I like working on data science projects. I presented the following for my courses in Data Mining at George Mason University.

Twitter is my favorite social network and at any point, you can get me to talk (or read a paper) about it! I once talked about influence detection on Twitter to my class.

Identifying Influencers on Twitter