Bhavika Tekwani

Technologist, also human.
Environmental Sound Classification

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Tags: audio classification, deep learning, Spark Keras, Tensorflow,convnet, music, mfcc, data augmentation

Artist Recognition for Fine Art Paintings with Deep Learning

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Tags: ResNet, image classification, deep learning, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, convnets, SVMs, Random Forests

Quora Question Pairs - A Kaggle competition

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Tags: LSTM, NLP, text, deep learning, Keras, Tensorflow, Kaggle, XGBoost, blending

Music Mood Classification Using the Million Song Dataset

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Tags: music information retrieval, machine learning, Million Song Dataset

scuzzy - a Scala library for fuzzy text matching

Bhavika has halted work on `scuzzy` temporarily due to being very busy with graduate school.
Tags: fuzzy text matching, Levenshtein distance, Scala

Raven - a Python CLI tool to manage your Spotify library

Tags: Spotify, music, CLI, commands, Python

scipy - scientific python library

A few contributions to `scipy`: Tags: open source, scipy, scientific computing, Python

OpenGeoportal for George Mason University
HideMe - Chrome extension

A Chrome extension to obfuscate your Twitter handle on the Desktop site. Code
Tags: Twitter, chrome extension, Javascript, HTML, CSS